Bridging Fall Winter 2017

Bridging Fall Winter Collection

“A bridge between people.
A bridge between arts.
A bridge between cultures.
A bridge between loves.
A bridge between realities.”

Bridging 2016-2017 Winter Collection provides excitement, warmth, follows the trend of Back To Tradition and Heritage connected with Contemporary Art, Innovation and Fine Crafts. [showhide more_text=”read more” type=”more”]



July 2014, war, children in Israel and Gaza under a constant risk. Years that they have been living under threat.
Under the regime whose interests are not necessarily in the best interests of citizens on both sides.
And the only significant step recently taken due to adverse -It just keeps killing and getting killed, on both sides.
A feeling of suffocation and hopelessness, the desire to help. This moment comes just a fraction of a second before losing hope.
A Search worldwide that began in Israel, continued to Gaza, the West Bank, Arab countries: Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Tunisia, Yemen and came back to Gaza. Created a bold and not obvious connection between two artists. Both were born and raised in an impossible situation. The problem or fortune of each of them is: they are not willing to accept the reality as it is.
Thanks to the Internet, social networks and the digital medium, The two people who would never meet because of the circumstances – met precisely because of the circumstances. They realized individually they would like to change. Finally understand and recognise their power together is greater than separately.



As Palestinian artist who lives in Gaza and Israeli fashion designer who lives in Milan, We have one big dream in common.
We both wish for the day we will live in peace together. We will create, laugh, love and grow as humans and as nations like brothers and sisters.
We believe that together we have strong power. We are able to express that our dream is not just a fantasy. It is possible to live together and to create art together just like we are doing.
In our origins, the Quran and Bible. There is one story about our ancestors. Which tells about the father of the Palestinians – Ishmael and Isaac the father of the Jews. Both sons of Abraham. Brothers.
When Abraham died, after many years of distance and separation they reunited again – to bury their father together. (Genesis 25:9-11)
Our goal as we see it, Is to reunite for the living. Not just for the dead.
To show a way of LIFE. Which is more important than any war and argument.



Many of our loved ones have died in wars. And regardless of where one is from, We can all agree that death is a tragedy that can be avoided. Soldiers are risking their lives and leaving families in fear wondering whether or not they will return home safely. There are a vast number of people from various countries who have no food or shelter. Meanwhile, we are disputing over unnecessary topics such as race, money, and cultural differences, which leads to war! People should not be judged by who they are, what they have, or what they believe in.
Everyone needs to put forth an effort to communicate in order to avoid conflict. Without communication, it would be very challenging to come together as one, and promote world peace. It takes a team effort to make the world a peaceful place. It’s encouraging how the world works together in a synergistic union to make the world part of a more peaceful universe. If we don’t respect people’s differences, then we can’t have peace. You can’t just look at somebody and judge them because they are different.
The main theme that we’re talking about here is a peace between Palestine and Israel, as the “Peace between Palestinians and Israelis “ has become issue that should be effective, we should not ignore it as some do. Eventually we live on one Earth we share the same sky, we have to reach a diplomatic solution allows all to live comfortably and tranquility.
The peoples of Palestine and Israel, in order to establish peace and prosperity among the peoples of Palestine and Israel, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, promote the general welfare, and secure liberty for ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Israeli Palestinian Confederation. The Israeli Palestinian Confederation serves as a government of the people to resolve conflicts and develop into the future in a fair and equitable manner.
We believe that Palestinians and Israelis are entitled to live at peace and enjoy liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and self-determination. We believe that the Palestinians and Israelis are entitled to equal rights under the law, and guaranteed human rights and freedom.[/showhide]